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SUPASONIQ are an Australian New Wave Power Pop Duo that formed in November

of 2021, consisting of members Eryn Pepyat and Paul Richards.


The duo has over 30 years of musical experience behind them with numerous releases

as solo artists.


The formation of this duo was conceived from a love for all things Pop Music. They

draw heavy influences from the new romantic/ punk scenes of the 80s 

through to the more commercially prominent bands that we still hear and love today.

At its core, the music is centred around the melodies and beats that make you move

and shake. The band’s philosophy is that if you can’t groove to it then it’s not going to

make it as a SUPASONIQ track.


The track is characterised by melodic lead vocals accompanied by blistering guitar

grabs. With your attention grabbed right from the first second, the song develops

addictive catchy melodies that make you want to sing along! It’s just so SUPASONIQ.

SUPASONIQ - Bottoms Up

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