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Fundamental Pro Tools Workflows

Fundamental Pro Tools Workflows


Fundamental Pro Tools Workflows


(4 weeks)


Are you ready to dive headfirst into the world of Pro Tools and take your audio production skills to the next level? Look no further!


Our Pro Tools online course is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills you need to become a proficient audio engineer.


This online program is designed for self-producing musicians and Pro Tools users with intermediate knowledge, who are looking to improve their workflow.


Minimum Requirements: Computer with Pro Tools, audio interface, headphones, microphone (optional: MIDI keyboard)


Pre-requisites: Basic computer skills


Weekly Time Commitment: 1 online class (60 min+ 30 min QnA) self-paced exercises (~2h)


Continuous instructor/peer support via our exclusive discussion forum. A recording of each class will be available in the discussion forum.


The online classes are scheduled for:




Week 1: Audio Recording Fundamentals Monday, Jan 22, 6pm - 8pm (AEST)


Week 2: MIDI Programming and Performance Monday, Jan 29, 6pm - 8pm (AEST)


Week 3: Editing and Arranging Monday, Feb 5, 6pm - 8pm (AEST)


Week 4: Mixing and Mastering Monday, Feb 12, 6pm - 8pm (AEST)

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