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Empowering Artists: The Rise of R4A Music and Andrew Batties' Vision

Updated: Jul 12

This article highlights Drew Batties' journey, the founding of R4A Music, its mission, and its impact on the music industry, focusing on inclusivity and artist empowerment.


The Birth of R4A Music

Established in 2020, R4A Music has swiftly emerged as a beacon of hope and opportunity within the entertainment industry, particularly for artists often overlooked by mainstream labels. Founded by Drew Batties, a seasoned industry veteran with a storied career spanning from his days as a performer to his tenure managing labels, R4A Music stands as a testament to Drew's resilience and commitment to fostering talent in a nurturing environment.

Drew Batties' Journey

Drew Batties' journey in the music industry began decades ago, marked by success as an artist in the 80s and 90s before transitioning to roles within record labels. His time at Universal Music Australasia, however, was marred by adversity due to homophobic bullying, eventually leading Drew to depart and later reevaluate his career path.

A pivotal moment came during a period of recovery from a serious injury that left Drew with a crushed cervical spine. It was during this challenging phase that Drew decided to reclaim control of his life and embark on a new venture: establishing his own record label. Thus, R4A Music was born out of a dual mission—to provide a platform for diverse, unique artists and to educate and empower them about the inner workings of the music industry.

The Mission of R4A Music

At its core, R4A Music operates under the mantra of being "Run for Artists by Artists," a philosophy that underscores its commitment to inclusivity and support for all artists, regardless of age, gender, or background. The label prides itself on nurturing talent that might not fit the traditional mold, offering not just recording contracts but also comprehensive education on music production, marketing, and distribution.

Expansion and Services

The company has since expanded into a conglomerate under Pop Muzik Pty Ltd, encompassing subsidiaries like A4M Music for distribution services, Touring4U for event management, and Merch4U for merchandise production—each designed to provide holistic support to artists throughout their careers.

"We are a company that does not discriminate in age nor gender," Drew explains. "Music should have no barriers; anyone who wants to release music should have an opportunity to do so."

Impact and Vision

Reflecting on the label's impact, Drew highlights the transformational journey of many artists who have found solace and purpose through music. "We love that we are giving our artists extra skills they can use for future projects," he adds. "In return, they can mentor and support the next generation of artists."

Looking ahead, R4A Music is poised for further growth, with plans to launch youth gigs, a battle of the bands, and their own version of talent discovery platforms. These initiatives underscore Drew's vision of creating a vibrant, supportive community where creativity thrives.

For further information on R4A Music and its initiatives, visit their website or contact Drew Batties and his team are eager to share their story and inspire more artists to pursue their dreams in music.

Pop Muzik Pty Ltd – The Overall Company

Manages The Following Companies/Businesses:

R4A Enterprises Pty Ltd Trading as R4A Music (Run 4 Artists by Artists)

  • Global Record Label

  • Audio Production Lessons for Schools

  • Recording Studios

  • Single and Album Production

  • Music Remixing & Mastering

J4A Enterprises Pty Ltd Trading as A4M Music (Artists 4 Music)

  • All-Inclusive Music Distribution Services

  • Radio Plugging & Music Promotion

  • Music Publishing

  • Music Synchronization

T4U Enterprises Pty Ltd Trading as Touring4U & MGT4A (Management 4 Artists)

  • Local and International Touring

  • Event Management

  • Tribute Shows & Tours

  • Rehearsal Spaces

  • Entertainment Industry Management & Representation

  • Representation for Artists, Musicians, DJs, Models, Influencers

M4U Enterprises Pty Ltd Trading as Merch4U

  • Entertainment Industry's Number One Merch Supplier

  • Affordable & No Minimum Order Merchandise

  • DTF Printing

  • Artist Merch

  • Business Merchandise

  • Specializes in All Entertainment Industry Merchandise Production & Promotion

Overall, Drew has established a one-stop entertainment industry with a team of incredibly qualified and industry-experienced professionals who assist in the day-to-day operations of the companies and businesses.

Founder Spotlight & Contact

We would love to have our Founder, Drew, interviewed with you or an article written about the hard work and dedication that he has placed into building a safe haven for artists, musicians, and the team that works effortlessly around him.

We feel that Drew’s story is both inspiring and motivating, and there are many unsigned artists and musicians out there who are not aware of the amazing things that Drew and his team have created.

For further inquiries or a press kit, please email:

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