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R4A encourages and supports the new generation of
artists and musicians
. Presenting for the first time a range of courses by musicians for musicians.

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Date:        15th of April 

Duration: 3 Hours

Location: Unit 8, 17 Harvest Court Southport,
                     Gold Coast, 4215 Queensland Australia.


Join the "Mixing Indie Rock in Pro Tools" course and embark on an exciting mixing journey. As you step into the mixing realm, explore the intricacies of balancing vocals, harmonies, and instruments. Learn the advantages of mixing into subgroups.


Discover the benefits of gain staging using the K-System and refine your mix with EQs, compressors, as well as useful tools for tonal shifts and spatial depth. Explore dynamic mixing techniques, automation strategies, and invaluable tips for avoiding ear fatigue and achieving mix perfection. This course is your gateway to indie rock mixing mastery in Pro Tools.

Limited positions: 20 students

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