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Coming BACK in 2024.

"We Want EVERYONE – Whether You’re Young or Old, Experienced or Inexperienced… Beyond the Dream is about Realising YOUR Dream, and Letting Us Help YOU Get There!"

2023 Media Coming Soon

Audition in Style...

At R4A Music, we hold a steadfast commitment to inclusivity, embracing artists regardless of age or gender. Our ethos centres around championing the underdog and erasing all barriers to musical expression. We firmly believe that anyone with a passion for music should be granted the opportunity to share their craft with the world.

Currently, R4A Music sustains a team of dedicated full-time staff members and proudly engages with five interns from local high schools, offering them invaluable traineeships and apprenticeships.

Driven by our passion to empower and elevate artists, we are thrilled to unveil an annual event on the Gold Coast – "Beyond The Dream." This competition beckons singers, bands, and musicians to partake in a transformative journey, one that could culminate in a recording contract with R4A Music. An array of captivating prizes awaits participants throughout the heats, semi-finals, and grand finale.

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