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About the R4A Empire

Our Story

R4A Music, established in 2020, is an international record label founded by Drew, a seasoned recording artist. With a career that began at 17, Drew has worked with both indie and major labels, bringing a wealth of experience to the table. His mission is to support artists often overlooked by major labels, focusing on passion, dedication, and skill

Lone Microphone

Our Philosophy

At R4A Music, we believe in running a label by artists, for artists. Our team understands the dedication needed for success in the music industry. We embrace diversity and do not discriminate based on age or gender, welcoming anyone serious about building a long-term career in music.

We are particularly committed to supporting artists who have experienced personal challenges or hardships, recognising the therapeutic power of music in recovery. Our inclusive approach extends to artists from the LGBTQ+ community and all diverse backgrounds.

Rock Show

​Our one-stop business model caters to musicians, singers, and bands, offering everything needed to build a successful career. We provide comprehensive services including songwriting, professional recording, music production, distribution, and marketing.

We regularly hold talent competitions to discover new talent and welcome artists who approach us with demos. Additionally, we offer unique opportunities for signed artists to learn about label operations, embodying our motto "Run for Artists by Artists".​​

What We Offer

​Over the past four years, R4A Music has expanded to include:

Our Growth

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R4A Music is dedicated to empowering artists and helping them achieve their dreams in the music industry. We provide a platform that nurtures talent and supports artists throughout their journey. Our goal is to create a safe and supportive environment for every artist, fostering their growth both creatively and professionally.

Our Commitment

Our Partners


Our Head Office

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